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How to brew a perfect cup of tea?

Brewing the Perfect cup of tea is never di cult task. Everyone’s got a di erent way of making a perfect cup of tea. We’ve tested many occasions honing our technique for the perfect cuppa: here are a few of our notso-secret tips, from water temperature to infusion time.

Use Fresh Water

1). Use Fresh Water

Always use water freshly drawn from the tap or a lter jug: the higher levels of oxygen in fresh water give your brew a cleaner, brighter taste.

2). Watch The Temperature

Black, puerh and most oolong teas can be brewed with freshly boiled water, but for less processed teas like green, white or yellow tea use water closer to 80°C. Just leave the kettle lid up for 3–5 minutes after boiling, then pour and infuse.

Watch The Temperature

Remember to Spoon

3). Remember to Spoon

Loose leaf can seem ddly, but the truth is it’s as easy as teabags. Just remember: use one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup, or two per cup if you’re brewing white tea, yellow tea or a fruit and herbal infusion.