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Reduce Anxiety With Tea

on November 01, 2020

 Reduce Anxiety Naturally With Tea - Ceylon Teabox

How to reduce anxiety naturally with tea?
Anxiety and stress are important to manage. More importantly, high levels of stress will negatively affect your system function.

Tea has been a natural solution for ages for anyone seeking to settle down , relax or reduce their overall stress levels. While popular teas like tea do contain caffeine, it contains but coffee. But tea also contains another compound called L-theanine. This aminoalkanoic acid is merely found in tea and a few mushrooms. It tempers the "jolt" of caffeine giving tea the property of "relaxed awareness".

L-theanine To Scale Back Anxiety And Stress
L-theanine increases GABA, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are neurotransmitters and do all kinds of things like regulating emotions, mood, concentration, alertness, energy, appetite and sleep. So regardless if your trying to concentrate or simply relax, increasing these chemicals will help with anxiety. At an equivalent time, L-theanine reduces chemicals within the brain that are linked to worry and anxiety.

L-theanine also appears to trigger the discharge of alpha-waves, which is that state of mind once you are meditating, being creative or simply in deep thought. It's no wonder Buddhist monks are using tea for hundreds of years to meditate without getting sedated. L-theanine also reduces pulse and vital sign , another symptom of stress.

Which Teas Contain The Foremost L-theanine?
Generally tea contains more L-theanine than other types, but all kinds aside from Pu-erh have some amounts of L-theanine.

Tea Recommendations For Reducing Anxiety And Stress
Now that you simply know tea is one among the simplest and price effective ways how you'll reduce anxiety naturally and safely, subsequent question could also be - what teas should I get? Our anxiety tea recommendations consumed throughout the day keeps these compounds circulating throughout the body all day long.

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